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We've started a new family tradition (I guess it can be called a tradition) that once a week we'll take the girls out for our "special family date" as Raleigh likes to call it. Being cooped up in the house working on projects a lot has me desperately needing a change of scenery every once in a while. As much work as it is to load and unload all the girls its definitely worth it. Last week we drove out to Scottsdale for some dinner and ended up at a nearby golf resort with lots of grass and places to run around. The girls loved finding stray golf balls everywhere and trying their hardest to throw them back to daddy. 

Getting out and playing brings so much life to me. It can be easy to get isolated and in work mode non stop, so getting out and being in the moment of play an laughter and watching my girls is refreshing. With Mother's day coming up soon I can't help but think about the ways these girls have changed me and made being a mom the best thing in the world. Someone asked recently what has surprised me the most about parenthood and the only thing I could think of was how much it has given me the capacity to love even more. I didn't really think it was possible. Even with having a newborn added I'm amazed that having her brings out even more love for them than I thought I had before. Every stage of life each of them are in right now is so fun to watch. Sure there are hard things that come with it, and I couldn't be doing what I do without my amazing husband on my team. But the littlest things about them bring me so much delight like when Jocilynn laughs hysterically at anything, when Jaelynn calls me by my first name, when Raleigh matches shoes or outfits with me, or when Sage gives me the biggest smile in the world when she sees me. I'm so grateful that I get to be a mom and even more so that I get to be



Raleigh and I have been running around in our matching


ever since they arrived at our door. Not only are they super cute but SO comfortable. Being an artist, I love that they are handmade and cared for with each detail. Having four little ones it takes a good amount of time getting out the door so having a pair of shoes that are easy to slip on and wont fall off their feet is HUGE for me. I love them (and want them in every color)! 

Now for all you lovely mamas out there, the Avarca store is generously giving away a pair of their shoes to one lucky winner. I'm so excited to share these with you and have you try for yourself how great they are. All you have to do is

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and tag 3 friends on my account who you think would enjoy these too.

AND with that they are also offering 15% off all purchases now through May 9, 2016. Use the code COLEY15 at check out to get your discount. 

 Giveaway is good for US residents only. The winner will be announced next Monday, May 2, 2016. Go enter now and good luck!

Junk in the Trunk

The last couple months have been non stop with art projects and its been a roller coaster of emotions for me! I'm so excited to be a vendor at the upcoming

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market

and I can't wait to see what the weekend will bring. While I've been working hard on making things for the market I've also had many custom projects on my plate too and I've been so so thankful for it all. But to be completely honest, with every exciting moment I've had recently, a handful of insecurities have come with it. I feel like every piece of my heart and emotions go into creating things that come into my head. I have huge dreams and visions, and often get scared of what the reality will be if I actually make them happen. The market in May will be the biggest one I've ever been a part of so its equally exciting and overwhelming for me. Many thoughts have entered in about if what I'm making is good enough, if it will sell, if people will like it or not. I hate that these thoughts come to me. I hate that they rob people of achieving dreams and being who they were created to be. 

A few years back I probably would've let those thoughts stop me from trying or putting myself out there. But I came to realize (through the never ending encouragement and support from my husband) that creating and making and drawing and painting is what I was created for. This is the very nature God instilled in me and to not be that, to not grow into that more, would be robbing myself and others from what he would want to do in me through this part of me. 

So I'm doing it, one step at a time, trying to knock down the insecurities that scream in my face along the way. And I'm more excited and confidant and nervous than ever. And I couldn't do it without you too. So thank you for following along the journey. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for dreaming and being excited with me in this. 

I decided to show you some sneak peeks of what will be for sale at

my booth (#136)

for Junk in the Trunk. Along with these original hand lettered chalkboards, I'll also have new art prints and greeting cards for you. If you've never been the this market before its a MUST and I'm not just saying that because I'm a vendor there. I guarantee you'll find something unique and beautiful just for you along with having a blast just walking around, eating good food, and listening to sweet music. The event is one you don't want to miss. Grab some

early bird tickets

now and I'll look forward to seeing you there!

Promptly Journals

Life has been crazy lately. So much going on in this little house from changing diapers to road trips to a handful of projects keeping me pretty busy. Some days I feel like our girls get a little stir crazy from being at the house all day so trying to keep them entertained can sometimes feel like another "to do" on the list. Luckily as they're getting older the more they're able to get creative and learning how to entertain themselves. There have been a handful of times I've found them sitting together reading books on Raleigh's bed or all crammed around their baby sister trying to be the one closest to her. Its these moments that make me stop and just watch for a minute. Its these moments I don't want to miss. 

As the days recently have felt like they're flying by I want so badly to remember every detail of each of my girls at the stages they're at right now. When I was first pregnant with Raleigh I promised that I would start a journal for each of my kids, writing to them, documenting their milestones, taking note of every first word or first step or first whatever. I did pretty good with my first baby. I think I got up until she was 10 months old...and then we had twins. And I started a journal with them, most of which started to look like a grocery list of things scattered on the pages of what I could remember about pregnancy and their first days (but lets face it, that whole season was just a blur). I realized I just couldn't keep up with it all, but I still want so badly to document the days we're going through right now not only for me as a sentimental mama, but for them to grow up and look at someday. For them to know how much I tried to intentionally know them, pray for them, watch them and love them. I want something tangible for them to have when they get older for them to read about these days that they most likely won't remember. 

Then, the best gift came to my door compiling everything I've desired to write down as a mama. I stumbled upon Promptly Journals through Instagram a while back and I was hooked, not only from the colors that match every part of my house perfectly, but because its as though they made this journal just for me! I've always loved to journal and write things down. And the best part is that it doesn't just stop at the baby stage. The design is made to continue documenting throughout their life through age 18. This journal not only gave me an outlet to write down everything for my girls, but intentionally helps me remember parts of their life I might not have written down before. Each page has a handful of questions or "prompts" to document all the special moments.

For instance, as I started writing in it for Sage about my pregnancy with her one  of my favorite prompts I've written so far asked, "what adventures has your baby been on with you?" It was so sweet to remember back to when we found out she was coming and think about all the places she had been with us while she was in my belly. From Germany and Holland to Phoenix and San Francisco and everywhere in between. It made me feel like she actually got to experience those adventures with us and was fully a part of it too. And now someday she'll get to read about the adventures we had as we prepared for her arrival. 

Once I had one journal in my hand I knew I had to grab more for the rest of my girls. So I snatched up 3 more and can't wait to get started on them. 

Right now, for a short time only, they are offering a promo when you buy two journals you get the third half off with the code 3PACK! So any of you thinking about getting one go grab some now. As a mama who can't stop crying every time I realize my girls are "so grown up" I can say confidently you wont regret having one! Your kids will thank you someday too. 

Free Babes

Raleigh- School Girl Bows// Jaelynn- The Amelia headband// Jocilynn- School Girl bow

We took the girls out for coffee and donuts the other day. The weather has been perfect lately, making for eating and playing outside the best scenery. But it only means the dreaded hundred degree weather is upon us so we're soaking in these cooler days all we can. These days it feels like a big event whenever we take the whole fam out. Loading and unloading the car is a lot more tedious and time consuming, but always worth it in the end. We ate at a new place in town called Welcome Chicken and Donuts. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Despite the odd sounding combination of food, it was far from being or tasting like it! The girls gobbled every bite of it before we could sit down with them. Especially those delicious looking donuts. Needless to say we LOVED it. 

Another thing I'm loving are these adorable hand made bows from Free Babes. The girls were so excited to put them on (and never take them off).  I love the diversity of them, making it easy to wear with almost any outfit and continue to wear as they get bigger. Having 4 girls I'm always looking for things that I can get multiple uses out of. I was so impressed with the quality of these bows as they wore them out and about. I love that they are each hand made and carefully crafted, not to mention how cute they are! They'll for sure being wearing them over and over again and I can guarantee the bows will last long with each use.

Now through the end of tomorrow, Free babes is offering a 15% discount for all of you. Simply choose your bow and use code COLEYKUYPER at checkout. I know from experience it will be hard to choose just one with all they're adorable patterns, so now is the perfect time to grab them while you can!

You have the chance now to win $50 to Free Babes shop and grab all the bows your hands can hold. Simply enter by following below. Giveaway ends Thursday, March 3rd evening and will be announced Friday March 4th!